End me. November-8-2017

There's not a single day that passes without someone pissing me off. I really am not the type of person to get annoyed that quickly and sometimes I am being annoying myself but for the past 3 years my life has been degrading more and more.

Refreshed. November-7-2017

These new pills have caffeine in them and holy shoot do they work! I never felt so awake in the morning. Tney take some time to start working but my ride to school is 40 minutes long so it's not a problem.

Pissed. November-6-2017

My hatred for myself gets bigger with every day that passes.My math teacher just gave up on me for not being able to understand a simple problem.
I keep spending lots of money on pills that never seem to work and that I take without prescription.I am a "study-pill" junkie.Too bad there's no "get up and do it" pill.
I think it would see well.

I forgot. October-14-2017

I forgot to post. Nothing too interesting happened. I have one more day of week-end and it's already wasted by events I ( have to ) take part in. Also , had a weird dream last night , I died and I ended up in hell and I was really happy about it ! ( I woke up though )

Not everything old is gold. October-10-2017

Nostalgia hit me ( and my friend Vic ) to play Killing Floor 1. I might've enjoyed it if not for all the OverPowered weapons that require DLC to unlock. Yeah yeah , you can enjoy it without them I know but still , love me some golden katana.

The hard-working procrastinator. October-9-2017

I keep adding goals to my list but I never end up doing anything.